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The Ultimate Guide to River Bass Fishing Lures

Choosing the Best Lures for a Successful Fishing Trip

Ned Rig: A Versatile and Effective Lure for River Bass Fishing

The Ned Rig has gained significant popularity among river bass fishing enthusiasts due to its versatility and effectiveness. This finesse rig, consisting of a small soft plastic lure on a mushroom-shaped jig head, has proven to be highly effective in enticing bass in river environments.

The Ned Rig is particularly well-suited for river bass fishing due to its ability to mimic natural prey and its weedless design. The compact size and lifelike action of the soft plastic lure make it an irresistible target for bass lurking in river currents.

One of the key advantages of the Ned Rig is its finesse presentation. The subtle movements and slow sinking action of the lure make it ideal for targeting finicky or pressured fish that may be less responsive to more aggressive presentations. This finesse approach often proves successful when other lures fail to produce results.

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Crankbait: Triggering Strikes with Lifelike Action in River Currents

Crankbaits are a popular choice among anglers for river bass fishing due to their lifelike action and ability to trigger strikes. These lures are designed to mimic the movements of baitfish, making them irresistible to predatory fish.

When selecting a crankbait for river bass fishing, it's important to consider the diving depth. Different crankbaits are designed to dive at varying depths, allowing you to target fish at different levels in the water column. This is particularly important in river currents, where fish may be holding at different depths depending on the flow and structure of the river.

One type of crankbait that is effective in river currents is the lipless crankbait. Unlike traditional crankbaits with a diving lip, lipless crankbaits rely on their body shape and weight distribution to create an enticing wobbling action. This makes them ideal for fishing in fast-moving water, as they can maintain their lifelike action even against strong currents.

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Drop Shot: Maintaining Presentation Depth in Moving Water to Fool River Bass

The drop shot rig is a highly effective technique for maintaining presentation depth in moving water, specifically when targeting river bass. This finesse fishing method allows anglers to fool bass by presenting their bait at the desired depth, even in swift currents.

To set up a drop shot rig, anglers typically tie a drop shot hook to the mainline using a Palomar knot. The hook is then positioned above a weight, which can vary depending on the desired depth and current conditions. By attaching the weight below the hook, it allows the bait to suspend off the bottom and maintain its position in moving water.

The finesse presentation of the drop shot rig is what makes it so effective in rivers. As the current carries your bait downstream, it appears natural to bass and entices them to strike. The subtle movements of your bait as you twitch or shake your rod tip can further entice bites from river bass.

When selecting drop shot hooks and weights for river fishing, it's important to consider factors such as water clarity, target species, and current strength. Lighter weights are often preferred in slower-moving currents or when targeting finicky fish, while heavier weights may be necessary in faster currents.

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Spinnerbaits: Creating Flash and Vibration to Entice River Bass Strikes

Spinnerbaits are highly effective when it comes to targeting river bass. These versatile lures are designed to create flash and vibration in the water, enticing strikes from bass hiding in the depths.

One of the key components of a spinnerbait is the blade type. Anglers can choose between different blade types, such as the Willow Leaf blade or the Colorado blade. The willow leaf blade is known for its slender shape, which allows it to spin quickly and create a lot of flash. On the other hand, the Colorado blade is larger and slower-spinning, producing more vibration in the water.

In addition to selecting the right blade type, choosing skirt colors and patterns can also make a difference in attracting river bass. Bass are often attracted to bright colors or contrasting patterns that mimic their natural prey. Popular skirt colors include chartreuse, white, black, and combinations of these colors. Anglers can experiment with different color combinations and patterns to find what works best in their fishing location.

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