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Complete Guide to Spring Bass Fishing

No Need To Wake Up Early

It is recommended to fish later in the day during early spring when the main part of a lake or pond is still cold. The surface water tends to warm up several degrees on a sunny day, and this effect may be even more pronounced in areas with bays, inlets, marshes, or wetlands.

If you have options on where to fish for bass, it is recommended to try shallow lakes and ponds first as the season progresses. These bodies of water tend to warm up quickly in warm and stable weather, more so than deeper bodies of water.

The Spinnerbait

If you have multiple rods at your disposal, it is always a good idea to have one rod rigged with a spinnerbait. During the early to mid-spring season, there is arguably no lure type more universally successful than a spinnerbait.

To start, consider using a ¼-ounce tandem-blade model, preferably with a smaller Colorado blade followed by a larger willowleaf blade. Fish the spinnerbait anywhere around cover, under docks, and tree stumps.

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Crankbaits are essential for spring bass fishing. For extreme shallows, try using a super-shallow running version, while a slightly deeper running version is suitable for water depths of 3 to 6 feet. It's important not to retrieve the lure too quickly early in the season, and varying the retrieve speeds can be beneficial. Additionally, pausing the lure occasionally can be highly effective.

Crankbaits should be worked along rocky areas, such as rip rap banks. If possible, try fishing parallel to the shoreline instead of perpendicular to it.

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In clear water, when the temperature is still cool, try using a hard or soft jerkbait. This works well when fishing along a sloping bank or over submerged vegetation. Remember to twitch the jerkbait occasionally. As the water warms later in spring, you can fish a hard, suspending jerkbait more aggressively.

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Spring bass fishing often requires extensive searching and covering a significant amount of water. Although jigs are not typically the best option for this approach, they still prove to be effective in catching spring bass and other species. For starters, consider using small-profile jigs that can be worked along the bottom or in the water column. As you progress, switch to larger-bodied jigs and focus on fishing along the bottom and around cover, such as bushes and stumps.

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